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Manure Spreaders, Pumps, and Agitators

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Western Farm Sales is an authorized dealer of Houle®.  We offer you a full line of manure spreaders, pumps, and agitators. Check out the Houle product brochures below for more information.

Power Take-Off Pumps (PDF format)

Electric Pumps (PDF format)

Power Take-Off Agitators (PDF Format)

If you have any questions, please contact one of our sales representatives at 1-800-635-3293.



As an authorized dealer of Patz®, Western Farm Sales can offer you great deals on high quality mixers. Check out the pdf brochures below to view the Patz® Mixers we offer.

Patz® Model 800 Mixer Brochure (PDF Format)

Patz® Model 1200 Mixer Brochure (PDF Format)

Patz® Model 2400 Mixer Brochure (PDF Format)

Farm Aid Mixer®

The Farm Aid Mixer-feeder wagon was the only tumbler mixer in the U.S. when designed in 1966.  Today several companies are following this principle, but the Farm Aid remains in the lead of simplicity of design and overall performance. The main benefits of this mixer is it comes in three portable models, has low horsepower requirements, and there are small stationary models for fixed feeding systems. For full details on this product, please view the pdf brochure below.

Farm Aid Mixer® Brochure (PDF Format)

Used Equipment

Western Farm Sales has a variety of used equipment available for sale. If you are looking for new or used equipment not listed on our website, please contact us at 1-800-635-3293 and we would be happy to search our inventory and see if we can meet your needs.

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Western Farm Sales is a proud dealer of:

  • Amber Waves
  • Balzer
  • Barkman
  • Berg
  • Calf-Tel
  • Diamond Shelters
  • Farmstar
  • Hanson
  • Hired Hand
  • Houle
  • Jamesway
  • Mensch
  • Metko
  • New Tec Inc
  • Patz
  • Petersen Waterers
  • Polydome
  • Raydot ⁄ Valco
  • Ritchie
  • Rollomatic
  • Shaefer
  • Sudenga
  • ValMetal
  • VanDale
  • Weightronix
  • FarmAid
  • JanAire